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Personal Hair Care Products

Hair Care Products - Aquage


is formulated with algaeplex sea botanicals, a carefully selected blend of algae, seaweed and kelp, to nourish, hydrate, strengthen and protect hair. Aquage hair care products help beautify your hair by containing the best possible ingredients.
Hair Care Products - Hair Talento - Tri


or Institute of Trichology provides products that blend the best of nature with modern technology. Tri hair care products are formulated to dramatically improve the hair’s structure, creating a healthy balance & beautiful looking hair.
Hair Care Products - Hair Talento - Matrix


haircare products provide everyday solutions recommended by professionals. Ultimate versatility and specialized ingredients deliver healthy-looking hair for every need and hair type. Give your style a pulse!
Hair Care Products - Hair Talento - Nioxin


products are designed to work together to create a better environment for fuller, healthier hair. Nioxin cleanses and conditions without buildup and successfully interacts with toxins known to cause hair loss and follicle deterioration.

Hair Care Products - DermOrganic


formulations are based around naturally-derived ingredients that replicate the elements hair and skin use inside to replenish, refresh and maintain their youthful vigor from the outside.