Awesome! I recently moved to the Belmar area, and wanted to find a hair salon near my home. Maria told me she has been doing hair for 18 years, and it shows! She really knows her stuff. I told her I’m growing my hair out, so I didn’t want to cut more than an inch and a half. She said, “Well, we’ll do an inch” and she actually kept her promise (instead of chopping off two inches or more like some stylists have)! What I found different from her compared to all the other stylists I’ve been to is she actually consulted me and explained things to me at every step of the process, instead of just asking me at the beginning what I wanted and then going with it. She asked me how I wanted my layers, how I wanted the front, she even asked me my daily routine to determine how much maintenance I put into my hair (what products I use, how often I wash it, etc.). Then she cut layers underneath my hair as well, to give it volume from underneath without adding too many layers on top and making the ends too thin and stringy (my hair is pretty fine). That was an interesting technique that no one had ever done to me before! So all in all, it was a great experience: the prices are reasonable, the people are friendly, the haircuts rock. I’ll definitely be going back! Client Testimonials - Hair Talento - 5 Stars Maria is a genius!. I was very happy when I found Laurent Salon. Maria is the best hairstylist I have ever been to. She is a genius when it comes to hair, and she made my hair look incredible. I get so many compliments on my hair everywhere I go. Maria gave me many tips on how to fix my hair when I got home to keep up the look. I got low-lights that look amazing. I would definitely recommend Maria to anyone. Client Testimonials - Hair Talento - 5 Stars Best hair-stylist ever. I’ve been coloring my hair for more than ten years, and I’ve had a number of different stylists, but for the last five years Maria has been the one I trust the most. She’s absolutely the best! …and I’m picky when it comes to color. There’s just no messing with perfection, which is what she does. Client Testimonials - Hair Talento - 5 Stars Best Stylist. I love going to Laurent Salon – they have a great atmosphere and environment – the salon is in an old house. Maria Landeros is my stylist and she always does an exceptional job. She cares about what I want and I have never left unhappy. The other stylists are always friendly and welcoming. I definitely would recommend to anyone wanting to find a new stylist to visit Laurent Salon – they will take great care of you! Client Testimonials - Hair Talento - 5 Stars I KEEP GOING BACK AGAIN AND AGAIN. Maria has been my stylist for thirteen years. I always receive lots of compliments on my style and color. I trust Maria completely and highly recommend her. The atmosphere at Laurent Salon is comfortable and welcoming. Client Testimonials - Hair Talento - 5 Stars