Magnificent! I have been going to Laurent Salon with Maria and have followed her for 15 years. I have very long thick hair and many hairstylists have a hard time working with my hair, but Maria told me how to style and care for my hair. Maria also has helped my decide on a new hair style and color that compliments my skin tone and life style. Client Testimonials - Hair Talento - 5 Stars Do you want compliments on your hair where ever you go? I recently moved from Los Angeles where my former hair stylist told me, in order to ensure a great style, look for a woman with great hair and ask her for her stylists name. I took her advice which lead me to Maria, who is absolutely, hands down an excellent colorist and stylist. Maria listened to my ideas about how I wanted my hair to look and gave me honest feedback about what I wanted to do with my hair. Trusting her knowledge, capability, and advice was well worth the visit. I am so pleased with how my color turned out – it is just perfect. I highly recommend going to Maria because she is excellent at what she does and she listens. Not to mention she is sweet and gives great deals to her clients. I will definitely become a dedicated customer!!! Client Testimonials - Hair Talento - 5 Stars I love the relaxed, easy going atmosphere. I have been going to Maria Landeros for over a year now, and am thrilled with all of my cuts. I have started getting high and low lights and Maria does a wonderful job! I was in a wedding in Phoenix and the stylist who did my up-do complimented my stylist and her coloring! Maria creates a cut that will work for me and my unbelievable wild, curl hair! I have never left disappointed. I recently took my daughter in, who wanted a drastic change, and Maria did such a wonderful job. The cut is low maintenance and absolutely perfect for my daughter! I will only go to Maria, and love the entire atmosphere at Laurent!!!! Client Testimonials - Hair Talento - 5 Stars